Thursday, September 21, 2006

Election Time in the B(G)ay State - The Corner Office

The Editorial Board and staff writers at Ad Jesu per Mariam isn't getting too worked up about the upcoming political season in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Both candidates for governor, Kerry Healy (R), an Episcopalian, and Deval Patrick (D), a Presbyterian, are very strict in towing the lines of their respective religions in regard to abortion, stem cell research and homsexual "marriage." (Call it the tri-fecta). I give them credit for slavishly following the dictates of their false sects.

Attorney General Tom Reilly is a de-facto excommunicant from the Roman Catholic Church due to his position on the tri-fecta. If he had been nominated then this blog would have come out with guns blazing (especially if he claimed to be a practicing Roman Catholic.)

There will be crosstalk about taxes, illegal immigrants, auto insurance, the budget, the Big Dig and affirmative action but those issue are powered by forces bigger than measly Governors.

The bottom line is that this state is losing people in droves, many murdered in the womb or chopped up in labs. There is little to do but pray.

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