Friday, September 22, 2006

Nominations, Please

Nominations are being solicited for an avatar for one of our posters and long-time lurker here at Ad Jesu per Mariam. A Liberal Friend, who managed his first comment just recently, had it suggested to him that he needs an avatar. Mine is Saint Padre Pio, more on him sometime later.

I'll be starting with a particularly audatious suggestion of St James the Moor Slayer.

I'll take nominations for a month, post them here with some explanatory notes and then maybe we'll have the first poll on this blog (assuming I can figure that out) and then we'll vote. A Liberal Friend wants to remind everyone that he is quite liberal and he wants a proper avatar. (Note: this is a Roman Catholic blog, so there will be voting of sorts but this is not a dammned democracy, so no Karl Marx orJosef Stalin. I hope to keep A Liberal Friend around but I don't want to be looking at communist bastards.)

First Nomination:
St James the Moor Slayer, doing his thing. Our spanish speaking friends call him Santiago Matamoros. From :
Catholic Church to this day, celebrates the miraculous appearance of St. James the Apostle, to the Catholic Armies of Spain in the 11th Century. St. James lead the Spanish Catholic Militia to triumphantly defeat the infidel Mohammedans (Moors).

All Catholics should invoke this Holy Apostle of Jesus Christ, asking his powerful intercession to once again, throw back the idolatrous Muslim hordes that are wreaking havoc on the vestige of what is left of Western Civilization.

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