Sunday, September 03, 2006

France 3 - Georgia 0

France dominated tiny Georgia (of course.) The first two goals were set up by none other than that pocket full of dynamite, Franck Ribery. Frank plays his pro futbal in Marseille and I think he was smart to stay there and accumulate interest.

Claude Makelele left the match around the 55th minute and immeditely slapped an ice pack on his ankle. He was the player mentioned in a previous blog who was resisting going to play for France but he was threatened by the insane, pagan French coach with a suspension over on his pro team, Chelsea. The Chelsea coach reluctantly told Claude to go but I'm wondering if he wasn't better off sitting Claude for three games on suspension. Now, Claude may be hurt.

Arsenal picked up a William Gallas from Chelsea and William got to play 90 minutes on the French side. So, it was a good little tune up match for the newest Arsenal defender.

The weirdest thing of the match happened as Thierry Henry was setting up a thrown-in or a cornerkick (I forget which). A fan broke through security and approached Henry with open arms. Henry and the fan hugged and security whisked away the fan. It was actually kind of sweet in a way, obviously the fan was a Gunner (nickname of Arsenal futbol fans.) I've only seen 3 France matches and 1 Arsenal match but I can say this: Thierry Henry is all class.

Final note: Lithuania stuffed Italy 1-1. Hah!

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