Sunday, September 17, 2006

Places to Go: Holy Trinity Church in Boston

Ushering in an era of catacomb Catholicism, Cardinal O'Malley slowly manuevers against the enemy of Modernism: The Tridentine Mass. Read more here at Against All Heresies and here at South End News (Boston, MA)

Boston denizens and visitors should consider popping in to go to Mass at Holy Trinity . It would be of particular interest to those from Roman Catholic origens to see the Mass of their grandparents, of their grandparents' grandparents, of Christopher Columbus, Saint Francis and Saint Augustine. (this may require dressing at least to the level of suitable business attire i.e. no flip-flops.)

The parish hosts a "schola" which belts out some very fine Gregorian Chant, the only music really suitable for Christian religious worship.

Also, it would be intersting to see at the 11:30 am Mass, the Tridentine Mass, what specifically the Archdiocese and the Vatican have seemed intent on wiping off the face of the earth, a Mass accurately described as "the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven."

For decades, Roman Catholic bishops and cardinals displayed an inability to detect and eliminate predatory rapists from their ranks .... no such administrative problems can be observed in their insidious elimination of the Mass that Holy Mother Church preserved for millenia, that survived the Mogul hoardes, the Saracens, the Plague, numerous World Wars, genocides and heresies.

It's likely back to the catacombs for the Tridentine Mass goers, it was fun while it lasted.

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