Thursday, February 01, 2007

Boston Under Attack by Pot Smoking 20-Somethings

Boston officials were exposed as jackasses by operatives from Ted Turner's Cartoon Network. Somehow a cartoon publicity stunt played out like a full-scale "Religion of Peace" Alert. In a way Boston acted appropriately as it will soon be the host of the largest mosque in the United States.

The funny thing about this was that I was driving home from work, with Boston at my back, interestedly listening for details on the latest terrorism eminating from Boston. Unfortunately, I just had to sit there patiently while the mayor of Boston tried to say something. It's not clear whether he speaks English or not. The radio commentator made the observation that he finally has found someone who has more difficulty with English than George Bush.

Luckily, today these two fine, young gentlemen took to the airwaves to clear up matter. Next, for real comic relief I'll try to hunt down audio of Mayor Mumbles Menino.


Henry Karlson said...

I really think they should be prosecuted for the full extent of their crime.

They illegally put their devices on property which was not theirs to put the devices on, they did not get permission to do so, and it is clear they were giving the "finger" to Boston, indicating they did not care for the law and decent behavior.

Of course, where they put these "ads" also did not help.

Ryan of the RSL blog said...

You have to be kidding?! "The fullest extent of the law" - means they have to prove criminal intent. These students were paid to put up advertisements and they did that. You really should read more about what was going on. The tv character depicted "flips people" off. The two the individuals didn't design, plan or create the ad. They were paid to erect them. That's it. Under your line of thinking, people who are employed by Smith & Wesson should go up on gun charges - or the people working at GM should be prosecuted for vehicular homicide following car accidents.

There was no hoax here. (Unless you call the knee-jerk reaction of the Boston authorities a hoax of competency.)

There was an impact on 1/31 and it was created by the authorities. There was no crime - just civil damages.

Henry Karlson said...

Just because you are paid, that does not make a crime any less a crime. Moreover, it does not matter if I know or do not know the character; you think everyone will know it, and it is ok to go on land which is not yours, and erect signs on said property, and in them show a clear indication you have no respect for people by flicking them off? Well, it isn't.

Last but not least, just because it is a cartoon which has some popularity with a certain class of people does not mean anarchists can't make bombs with said character on the outside. It would be a good way to do things, actually....

Ryan of the RSL blog said...

It's ok not to get it. A lot of people don't "get it". Your level of contempt for these college students who were actually working for a living should be held for people who hold the keys - not these "criminal" malcontents. Look at the big picture here. These kids aren't troublemakers. They were only trying to pay the bills. And whether or not you think they should be able to post illuminated bills (yep, people have been doing this in public spaces FOR CENTURIES) - it's a fact of life. People are influenced by business ethics a lot more than they think.

I think its a sign of our times. Whether that's a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

Once again - no criminal intent means no punishment. You can grate on that all you want but it doesn't hurt anybody that they posted those images. The issue should be that the city acted irresponsibly under the banner of public safety. Where's the sensibility and the public outrage with their absolute ineptitude?!

Thomas Shawn said...

I think many of the lite-brites were placed on public property (bridges, train stations.) This was done in many cities and these things were up for weeks.

What was detected here was the incompetance of the Boston officials. It is clear they cannot keep us safe. The city is strewn with cameras and nobody did anything.

Supposedly there are thousands of police patrolling this city how many police noticed these, recognized for what it was and ignored it?

It was apparent that the city officials and law enforcment got more and more irate AFTER they figured out what it was.

The two individuals need to beware because they pissed off the media who view themselves as the "controllers" and the "hoi-polloi" of this society. At least the politicians have to get elected once in a while.

The media will hype this up if only to pump up Tommy Menino and his band corrupt mafiosi.