Sunday, October 01, 2006

Arsenal 2 - Charlton 0

Arsenal escaped Charlton. The Charlton team put up a good fight the whole match which belied their basemnet standing in the English Premier League. Were it not for a missed header from Jimmie Floyd Hasselbaink (see pic below) and were it not for a missed call for a hand ball violation in the box the result would have been unhappier for Arsenal.

The teams involved in international competition are showing up on weekends a little tired. Arsenal beat Porto pretty bad this week and Charlton went one goal up on a long ball play from the mid-field. Hasselbaink, a veteran from Dutch Guyana and a suspected Roman Catholic, got to the ball and knocked it over to Darren Bent who was all alone on the other side of the net.

Arsenal continued to storm the net and in one exchange Alexsandr Hleb got inside the box while being swarmed red-shirted Charlton players. He crossed over to Robin van Persie who knocked it in the net in a sure-footed manner. Hleb is on my fantasy team so it was looking like it was going to be a good weekend.

Persie knocked in a second goal from 30 yards out in what is likely to hit the YouTube airwaves. One word describes it: Unbelievable. Van Persie had started the match knocking balls out into the 40th row and I was muttering under my breath to yank him out. Shows what I know.

Charlton is being talking about in the relegation death-watch circles. They have a good team and have been wracked with injuries. Andy Reid may be short and he may be fat but he came back this week and the Charlton side looked better for it. I hope they turn it around (now that Arsenal has beaten them.)

More good news: Aston Villa tied up evil and Russian-mob funded Chelsky, 1-1.

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