Thursday, February 15, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

Bulgaria's Youngest Bishop: The Pope is a Heretic

Bulgaria's youngest bishop Nikolay called the Pope a heretic on TV, bringing upon himself the wrath of fellow clerics just days after he was elected the bishop of the country's second city of Plovdiv.

Nikolay, who is one of the heads of the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria, claims that the fact that the Pope is Catholic makes him a heretic. "If he professes a different belief than the Orthodox than the church canons make him a heretic," Nikolay said for private bTV channel.

Well I suppose if you take "heretic" in the relative sense, sure, Benedict XVI is not in the Orthodox Church, hell he's not even Bulgarian. Indeed, the Pope does not reject the successor of St. Peter as the Orthodox do. Hell, Benedict XVI is the successor of St. Peter. How could he reject himself? What does St. Peter have to do with this? Well, there's that whole Mathew 16 thingy.

Bishop Nikolay impugns his own office and authority by this trash talk. The Roman Catholic recognises the Apostolic nature of the Orthodox Bishop (something not done for protestant "Bishops".) Nikolay should count this as a blessing and he should really worry about his bigger problems. Bulgaria just joined the EU so the Culture of Death and Queer Nation will be unleashed soon enough on his tiny city.


Anonymous said...

Seems like Bishop Nikolay needs a little attention.

Thomas Shawn said...

I have thought about this all day long and have concluded that Nikolay's punishment should be that he be elected Pope in 30 years (he's a tad green at the moment.)

Only after he gets a chance to tangle with the Roman curia and the USCCB (United States Council of Catholic Bishops) will he then know the true meaning of the word heretic.

Anonymous said...

It's truth - learn history!