Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quips on the News - Real Clear Religion

The Italy That Really Goes to Mass: An Eye-opening Study Readers Digest version: Since the 1960s Catholicism in Italy has been tanking. Wonder what caused that?

Pope asks lawmakers to defend traditional marriage Massachusetts Catholic lawmakers respond by plugging their ears. Oh, but they still demand Holy Communion on Sunday.

Homosexuals praise Evangelical Lutheran jury decision the ELCA is a Sodomite Church.

Corporate Secrets: Women Claim Birth Control Patchs' Risks Undisclosed If it is unhealthy for him to take steriods, why is healthy for her?

EU Threatens to Withdraw Aid to Nicaragua if Pro-Life Law Remains Money always comes with strings. Funny how the left never quibbled about giving money to Communist Nicaragua. The irony is that Nicaragua has the same leader: Daniel Ortega. He was real popular in the NYT and Boston Globe when he was a communist.

School bans Mother's Day cards Teacher says 5% are offended. Is that because they have two "daddys" ?

Our mosques are importing jihad You just noticed that now?

Putin: It's religion and nuclear weapons that protect Russia This is weird, just plain weird. The Ruissian Orthodox church, what is left it, acts as a patsy.

The Christ of Benedict XVI Pope to issue non-binding tome on Christ. The Pope has infallibility in the area of morals/theology. Now he's infallibly declaring this his own book is not-infallible. Once it gets released I'll count the hours before neo-catholics use it to bash the traditional teaching of the Church.

China gets religion, believe it or not This is an article by a communist sympathizer. China doesn't jail, torture and kill the religious, it seeks to "harness religion."

Colombian court gay couples' right to shared assets This is admistrative law, nothing wrong with it. But in Masachusetts they're after something else, a Queer State.

War on terror's other front: cleaning up US pop culture Brilliant article. Demonstrates that it is not church going Christians or Christian tradition that provokes radical Islam, its Britany Spears and Queer Nation.

China Province Will Release Names of Forced Abortion Policy Violators Coming to Massachusetts soon enough. Today it limits the tax emptions for children to 2 (they most any homo would adopt.) Tomorrow it'll be door to door forced abortions.

Abortion: pro-life tide But is it too late for Europe?

This is Not Your Mother's Natural Family Planning The birth control pill - breast cancer link. Again, if it not safe for him to take steriods, why is it safe for her?

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