Friday, February 16, 2007

Their Business is Killing and Business is Good

Teen abortion rates jump in Hangzhou

HANGZHOU, CHINA: Abortion rates among teens in the Zhejiang Province capital have risen this month as young students rush to a free local clinic to terminate their pregnancies while on vacation from schools and colleges.

Busy doctors from the Hangzhou Youth Reproduction Health Service Center said they were struggling to keep up with the demand.

"Before, we only had two or three abortion operations a day," Zheng Weili, director of the center which provides free consultations and abortions for students, said.

"But since the winter vacation started last week, we should be doing about 10 abortions every day, and most of them are 16 to 21 year old students."

Zheng, who is in charge of a hotline about reproduction health, said callers found out about the free service, mainly from their classmates or through websites.

"I think most pregnant students don't want their schools and classmates to know," Zheng said.


Doctors have warned that too many abortions make the uterine wall thinner or even perforate, and could lead to sterility.

I wondered at the motivation of at posting this story. Was it to trumpet the success of their one child policy? No, too much coverage of school age girls. Is there the glimmer of moral reprehension at the thought of school girls filing into these clinics to get "fixed up?" Unlikely in either a communist or a Buddhist society. Perhaps someone at the Ministry of Communist Finance was complaining to the Ministry of Communist Health that their bills to the government were rising too fast. Maybe.

The key, I think, is the last sentence. Too many abortions will lead to sterility. Russia sees this now. Russia never had a population explosion due to their liquidation of rural people during the communist days but certainly today they have negative population growth due to the wide spread use of abortion and the resultant sterility.

But what is the root cause of this uptick in abortions? I think one commenter hits the nail on the head:
I thing the great sceneray (sic) of Hangshou is the root cause of these problem. We must fix this root cause, and make them into re-education opportunities for these sex crazed youth. A large concentration camp for youths to educate and train is in order. We must make them understand through hard labour and physical exercise, so that they don't have any more energy to do what they don't suppose to do.


Anonymous said...

I wondered about why chinadaily posted the story, too. The article implies a "shock" + "everyone's doing it" message, so it seems like self-promoting propaganda: "Oh no! We're so popular!"

No reliable statistics support their self-reporting popularity.

But the shock value of the article does get readers' attention and generates web traffic. Then, chinadaily reports the web traffic to advertisers. Ta da!

Thomas Shawn said...

So you think China daily is doing it to boost web traffic?

I have to idea what the current societal view of pre-marital sex is in Communist China.