Friday, February 16, 2007

Message to China

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This is their message to the Chinese and its my message now, too.

We are pleased of your presence as viewers of our website where we reach to all people of the world. The purpose of this reaching out to China where China has been a strong opposition to the Catholic Church for many justifiable reasons and at the same time unjustifiable.

The true head of the Church Christ Himself would be in China today if He were among us and I know that He is in the new elected successor to Christ Himself because Christ has never been lived in the structure of man in absolute impartiality and justice and absolute absence of racism.

China, I come not to you with a religion, I come to you with a deep felt love for your people, your children and the continuity of your people throughout the world, my beautiful family. Many scream on the issue of Human Right while being absent of such in their own countries through the inevitable actual vision of poverty, racism, white supremacy and hatred. China is known according to the world to breech Human Right with an excessive population where it is becoming impossible to control the uncontrollable growth of population where abortions are taking place in large numbers but where in America abortions are out numbering the casualties of war and certainly not by over population otherwise immigration would be banned

World population is controllable not by sterilization nor abortions, much less starvation but by the replacement of sexual exploitation as a normal mean of life that takes away lives by excessive abuse of physical exploitation.

China I love you! That is from the heart. When you will know my love for you, you will become knowledgeable in love in such lessening the need of physical exploitation because of lack of control of the human value and the sacredness of creation. I am a Catholic, not the kind you know. The kind that draws to himself the less fortunate, the ones ignored, the ones that are hungry and mostly the ones that have lived by physical structures because true love of a parenting as I reach out to you with has appeared to be impossible. China, I love you!

The redness of your flag represents the blood of the living and the dead. The dictatorial appearance of a military style of governing shows me how I would love to love you my sons and daughters and to see a smile upon you all my children instead of living to exists in the fear of being over powered by lesser the what you attempt to portray because of your quest for a world of peace and love where all your people could live happily forever after.

This new elect Benedict the XVI is the firm hand of truth in to what this church is to become, a true mother to all the children of God and of mine. China, I love you! Give the seed time to grow in one season and China you will smile forever because love is in the air for you my children, my blessings, the women, the children, and the fathers of the nation.

I would love to visit you one day if ever permitted to come and love you in person not preaching but with a celebration of victory between two people of the same maker where military barriers will have no need to exist and where food, freedom and love will be the continuous dream upon the minds of all the living at any time of the day. China, I love you!

May the God of all people bless you leaders, defender of your nation and may your young not envy what appears to be greater in other societies but rather to look forward to those who truly love you that are also extending this true love to those who have much of a need to be loved while believing they are superior to those they neglect.

Please respond China because I love you. I am universal in my heart in such lets seek the same universality and I would love to love your nation to know who you are because division leaves us ignorant of one another and it is that ignorance that makes unity impossible.

Thank you for reading and stay in touch. I miss you my children and I truly love you.

God Bless!

Roger Poisson

For the true Master, His name is love

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