Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Bye, Breck Girl

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Good Bye, John Edwards

and good riddance!

If Edwards even thought he had a chance against the stars of the Democrats, Obama and Clinton, and if he thought his previous association with Lurch (a.k.a. John Kerry) did not hurt his chances this time around, he now nailed his own coffin.

Edwards says Israel's potential attack on Iran's nuclear reactor is the greatest threat to the world. Note that he did not say a hostile Iran or North Korea with nuclear weapons is the greatest threat. He said Israel potentially attacking iran's nuclear reactor after being threatened with armageddon on many occassions by Iran's president is the greatest threat.

he will be hard pressed to find any supporters now. He can kiss the rest of his campaign good-bye.
That's pretty sweet work by the dead-baby channeling ambulance chaser: pissing off Roman Catholics and Jews in the same month. These two social groups have long ties and deep roots in the Democrat party and these certainly need to be re-examined.

The funny thing is that during my inquisition over at, a Edwards supporting moonbat took a peak over here, saw that I liked the Latin Mass and one asked: "Any strong feelings about Jews?"

I aswered, "Well only my 1st, 2nd, 4th grade teachers and this cute chick that invited me to her to the senior prom."

The moonbat had no rejoinder.

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