Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Evil, Socialist Witch, But Still Better Than a Muslim

For her Wellesley classmates, Hilary Clinton's quest to become the first female president is a generational mirror. Some like what they see; others are less certain.

They were there for her fiery commencement speech, delivered at the height of the Vietnam War, when she described her class’s search for a “more immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living” and said that every protest was “unabashedly an attempt to forge an identity in this particular age.” The speech landed Hillary Rodham in the spotlight as a celebrated archetype of a new generation of women.

More immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living”? How about devotion to Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross and living under the authority of his Church?

Meanwhile, Katie Couric ponders the first muslim president.

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