Saturday, April 14, 2007

Turning Back the Clock on Vatican II? There's Still Time

Time Magazine plumbs the depths of leftist stupidity and performs its usual sly propaganda.

by Jeff Israeli
Thanks to Benedict's thoughtful manner, Church progressives had believed that the man who was once the hard-line Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger would cut some slack on areas of doctrinal contention
Yes those "progressives" that like homosexual marriage and socialism are just filled the "thoughts." All the wrong the ones. Note the dichotomy, the Pope's hard-line would allow one to go progressivist, sorry Jeff, only neo-Conservatives do this. The only hard-line the Progreesives support is the one dictated by their master, Satan.
Progressives have all but given up their fantasy of Benedict the Reformer. In the coming weeks, the Pope is expected to release a document that would allow the more widespread practice of the traditional Latin Mass, which was all but shelved with the reforms of the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.
What a lie, progressives recoiled in horror at the nominsation of Josef Ratzinger, unfortunately few of them abandoned the Church whose doctrines they disparage. Progressives have the staying power of cockroaches. The Tridentine Mass will be like a sharp searchlight turned on these cockroaches.

The Progressive Wish List
Eighteen months ago, one Rome-based progressive cleric had said he was "surprised to see that [Benedict] seems to be open to hear new ideas." But today, the same priest is disappointed. There has been no sign of any of the hoped-for reforms: overturning the ban on communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, reconsidering the celibacy requirement for priests, allowing gays in seminaries, or a softening of the condom ban to allow for distribution in AIDS-ravaged Africa.
Divorced and remarried Catholics? Sorry Charlie, that bigamy plain and simple, Jesus said so. Marriage is a participation in the cross, you don't get to carry two at a time. Celibacy will be the one way to rout out the homosexuals as they are mostly incapable and routinely unwilling to practice it. It'll be a useful tool in the coming decades. Allowing gays in seminaries? They were overrun by gays in the 1960s and 1970s! Well, condoms certainly have done nothing to stop the spread of AIDS in San Francisco, why would that work in Africa? Shipping in condoms is like shipping in matches and lights to a fire prone area. Perhaps the Church will stay with her tried and true teaching of chastity before marriage and then fidelity during marriage (what progressives hate.)

Why, oh why, doesn't Jeff Israeli just write one article which agitates for pork sandwiches to be served during the Passover Seder?

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