Monday, April 09, 2007

Stacking the Deck to Bolster Their Weak Case

Is Religion Futile? (Perhaps it is in London)
On March 26, in the Westminster Central Methodist Hall, the Times of London co-hosted a public debate. The proposition to be argued was “we’d all be better off without religion.” The run-up to this event had taken on such a life of its own that by early March the British press had begun heralding the 26th as “Futility of Faith Day. “ The nickname stuck. The event sold out.

The team debating “for” the proposition featured celebrity atheists, Richard Dawkins (author of the bestselling "The God Delusion") and Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair correspondent and author of the forthcoming rant, "God is Not Great.") Their point man was a lesser-known but witty philosopher named A.C. Grayling

The team debating “against” the proposition (which is to say for religion) comprised a female Rabbi and two professors, neither of whom were theologians and both of whom owned up to being lapsed Methodists. Not exactly an all-star God squad.
Lemme get this straight Dawkins/Hitchens/Grayling vs. A girl playing rabbi and two lapsed Methodists? Rabid athiests with 20 books authored between them verses 3 confused liberals. Literally, one of lapsed Methodists ..
was Professor and philosopher Roger Scruton, an eloquent and respected gentleman. Perhaps prejudicing anyone in the audience not familiar with his serious writings, the evening’s handout program described Scruton as running “an experimental farm in Wiltshire which turns grass into ideas and ideas into feelings.”
How much grass did he smoke before the "debate?" Having theological liberals defend religion is like having homosexuals defend procreation, their very existence depends on it but they are hardly enthusiastic practicioners of the art.

How about the New England Patriots verses autograph seeking Pop Warner kids ? Where was Rabbi Smuley Boteach? Thomas E. Woods? Father John Corapi? Heck, my priest from could single handedly destroy Dawkins and gang.

This was no debate. What else do you expect? But no fear, the Faith is growing in England and the athiests know it.

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