Monday, April 23, 2007

Operation Tunnel to the Vatican: Full Speed Ahead

Philadelphia, PA ( -- The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper is coming under fire for a cartoon it ran following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the federal partial-birth abortion ban. The cartoon entitled “Church and State” features the five Catholic members of the high court wearing bishop miters.

Joseph Cella, the head of Fidelis, a leading Catholic pro-life group, says the newspaper, "has breached the line of reasonable editorial commentary. This cartoon is venomous, terribly misleading and, blatantly anti-Catholic."

"We call on the Inquirer to repudiate the cartoon’s anti-Catholic sentiment," Cella told in a statement.

Cella says the cartoon suggests that the Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial birth abortion was a result of the Catholic Church influencing the votes of the five Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court, who are portrayed as Catholic Bishops.

God knows we cannot rely on real Roman Catholic Bishops to stand up for Roman Catholic teaching so might as well go with Roman Catholic laity. Sorry, athiests, socialists and liberals, we breed and you don't and this is a democracy, ultimately we will win.

I couldn't find the cartoon in question so I found a good one over at Faithmouse by anti-Catholic cartoonist Thomas Nast who was notorious for his vicious attacks on the leadership of the Catholic Church and government officials who happened to be Catholic. The image of Roman Catholic allegators swimming up the American River Ganges in order to swallow up Protestants, liberals, athiest and anybody who gets in our way kinda appeals to me. It's not as good as albino assasin Opus Dei monks, though .

I kinda like the idea of Roman Catholics absolutely controlling the Supreme Court. There's a Roman Catholic who is third in the line to the Presidency namely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so all the chess pieces are nearly in place. Nancy has fooled people for years with this pro-abort liberal schtick but we all know that when the next phase of Operation Tunnel to the Vatican comes to pass, she's there on the inside. The ploy will be a Vatican threat of excommunication and then she'll fold like a house of cards.

Also, this week it was revealed that a Jewish collaborator has installed an Opus Dei member in the World Bank.

Next Step: The Presidency. To date the Vatican has used compliant Methodists in Laura and George Bush, it was this blog in its early days that documented the secret sign of allegiance in the form of a mantilla worn by Laura Bush. I'm not sure if the Vatican will deploy another secret agent in the form of a Protestant, a Mormon or whether she'll just go for the jugular and install a straight up Roman Catholic. It's fun to see these things slowly roll out on Vatican time which operates in centuries not in days.


ed waldo said...

My complete response to your column (and comment on my blog) is at this LINK.

Catholic Bashing

As the author of the "chill wind blows from Rome" comment, I've addressed the implication that my blog was "anti-Catholic." It wasn't.

Thomas Shawn said...

Looks like your attempt to respond failed miserably.

Michele Peate said...

I loved your post - it was great! I wanted to thank you for making me laugh. This is the first time I have read your blog.

Thomas Shawn said...

My pleasure and I am honored that you came by.