Friday, October 27, 2006

Ford Bleeding $$$, Still Supports Queer Nation

Maybe the two are related:

From My Way

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) - Ford Motor Co. (F) said Monday its loss widened to $5.8 billion in the third quarter, weighed down by the costs of its massive restructuring plan aimed at cutting its expenses so it can compete better against lower-cost rivals from overseas.

This is a really funny claim since their truck division is losing the most amount of money and Toyota builds their trucks in Texas and Nissan builds their in Smyrna, TN. Ford shut down their most efficient plant, the one in Atlanta that built my 2005 Taurus. Its replacement, the Ford Fusion is built in Mexico. Perhaps, its a union thing.

Signing on with Queer Nation won't help those F150 sales to Bubba. The American Family Association has fully documented Ford's incorporation as a wholly owned subsidiary of Queer Nation. This is not just about providing some marriage benefits for unmarried employees, that's Ford's business. This is about total espousal of the homosexual lifestyle: sponsorship of "homosexual media awards", activley recruits homosexuals by advertising in homosexual magazine, sponsors homosexual literature that promotes polygamy, sposnors homosexual and "marriage" (at the same time as polygamy!)

I own a Ford but I have signed the boycott. I'm kinda glad that I own a Ford (No homsexual would get caught dead driving a 2005 Ford Taurus, they're more the Volvo types.) Now I can pour salt in the wound as we plan our next purchase. I'll directly write to my local Ford dealer and tell them that I was planning on buying a Ford Freestyle for wifey but we're going with the Chrysler Pacifica or whatever car company gets the worst rating from DiversityInc.

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