Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hand of Hope

I offer this image for contemplation. A surgeon performed a procedure on a child a few years ago. The child was about four or five months old. As children are wont to do ... this one reached out for a little comfort. The surgeon later explained that he let the little one hold on for a while but tucked him back in after the successful completion of procedure. In this case, the child rode out his post-op right inside of Mommy and emerged at the age of nine months .... good as new.


nolasker said...

Dear Thomas,

your blog is a real treat for every conservative pro-life catholic. I am from Austria right in the middle of once christian Europe. There are not many conservative christian blogs in the german speaking world. Maybe I will start one. Yours is a good example in any case.
Just one question: Shouldn't it read "Ad JesuM per Mariam" instead of "Ad Jesu per Mariam"? As far as I know, the latin preposition "ad" requires the accusative, thus the suffix "m".

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Shawn said...


Thanks for the compliment.

My Latin is very rusty, I can read it somewhat. I had seen the phrase "Ad Jesu per Mariam" in a number of places and just assumed the grammar was correct. I will research this.

I'm trying to keep up the posting and maybe focus more on the scurge of abortion. We're loaded with money here in the U.S. so I'm not sure what excuse we have.

God Bless Austria.

Dean said...

Great photo. I believe that this is the photo that Matt Drudge wanted to display on the Fox News Channel, but was denied. He actually dropped his T.V. show because of the rejection. He's got guts.

I wish every mother would see this photo.

Thanks Thomas!