Friday, October 27, 2006

Pro-Life Rita

A post over at Cafeteria is Closed regarding a pro-life write-in candidate in Maryland and a recent Kerry Healy (R) for Massachusetts governor ad got me thinking (again) about the "What's a Catholic to Do?" post from a few days ago. The Healy ad I heard this morning on AM talk radio took pains to emphasize Healy's "pro-choice" (i.e. pro-baby murder) and the "pro-fetal stem cell research" (i.e. growing humans for spare parts and then murdering them) positions.

Lucky for me, millions of Roman Catholics and others have travelled down this road before. From the PA pro-life web site:

In the 2002 election for governor of Pennsylvania, we faced what has become the norm across the country – an election with no pro-life candidate in the major parties. Yes, one was less pro-abortion than the other – if you go by what they say. But the “pro-life” candidate, in particular, said very little. For some time now, the life issue has been a non-issue for the major parties. Unfortunately some “pro-life” organizations always declare one candidate, usually the Republican, to be “pro-life” when they really mean that he is the “lesser of two evils”. It is good to know the lesser of two evils in an election, but to mislabel one as “pro-life” is a great disservice, especially to the average pro-lifer who receives this information and votes thinking he is contributing to the end of baby killing.

Is it moral to vote for the lesser of two evils? Various churchmen tell us so. But the 100% Pro-Life PAC was founded because from our observation of the record for the past several decades, it is almost a total failure. The average pro-lifer probably does not know this. They dutifully take the little candidate cards to the polls and vote for the “pro-life” candidates on them. In my state many, if not most, get elected. But nothing changes. Here in Pennsylvania we regularly have both houses of the legislature controlled by the Republican Party and the governor a Republican and never a word on the Life issue. Silence.

Some of our friends actually think that the “good guys” play down the Life issue in order to get elected and that they will magically become vocally pro-life after the election. Don't hold your breath.

Please note that the people in the 100% Pro-Life PAC are not politically na├»ve neophytes. Check our advisory board for a start. Most of us went through the “lesser of two evils” stage a long time ago. As we have said before, we do not hate the “lesser of two evils” folks. We know they are sincere pro-lifers, like ourselves. Our argument is that it doesn't work. We do not claim the moral high ground. We have just learned from bitter experience.
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The bitter experience is that reminder ad from Kerry. She'll never protect the innocent. If Devil Patrick gives drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, latches on to the homosexualist agenda and raises taxes he's just cutting his own political throat and he'll be gone sooner or later. If the Massahchusetts legislature wants to do those things then they will do it no matter what Kerry says.

The bottom line is that Kerry and Devil will always support slitting the throats of babies. I may just vote for Pro-Life Rita.

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