Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not Just Anti-Catholics, but Racists, Too.

Eminent blogger Dean Soto over at Fanatholic picked up on the story from some months ago about the Polish goal keeper for FC Celtic, Artur Boruc, who is being fined and persecuted by agents of cross town rivals Rangers in the Scotland Premiere Footbal league.

From the Daily Express:
Strathclyde Police investigated claims that Boruc, 26, angered a section of the home support after allegedly making the religious gesture at the start of the second half of the game on February 12.
Come to find out FC Celtic and Rangers are bitter rivals. Both clubs are located in the city of Glasgow Scotland. Roman Catholics tend to support FC Celtic and the Protestants support Rangers. Apparently, during a match the goal tender for FC Celtic crossed himself and this caused an uproar among Protestant bigots posturing as the political correctitude police.

With a little research, I found this disturbing crap on the Rangers website:

Rangers Football Club is opposed to racism, sectarianism, bigotry and all other forms of inappropriate behaviour. The Club wants supporters to experience an atmosphere where everyone can feel respected, comfortable and safe when they come to Ibrox, and when they meet Rangers away from home.

Apparently, part of the "respect" that needs to be paid is for Roman Catholics not to cross
themselves, too "sectarian."
Rangers also ask fans who hear someone behaving in an inappropriate manner, putting the Club at risk, to report them anonymously or otherwise.

Apparently a few anonymous fans noticed Boruc's inappropriate self-crossing. The racist antics of the Rangers fans are too numerous to document here, and these incidents took place in the same time period as the Boruc incident.

This past September FC Celtic played Rangers at the Celtic stadium and thoroughly kicked their arse. I even noticed midfielder Evander Sno (pictured at right) crossed himself before he tread upon his home turf. That must have been doubly horrifying for the Protties.... Roman Catholic and a Dutchman!

Side note: FC Celtic site has a "Design the Team Christmas Card" contest .... how sectarian! I've just added FC Celtic to my list of favorites along with Arsenal, Aston Villa and the New England Revolution.

Side note: FC Celtic came to New England and played in a loss to the Revolution! I was so clueless back in August!


Oliver McCarthy said...

The player didn't get into trouble for making the Sign of the Cross. He got into trouble for making offensive gestures at the spectators.

Talk about stone-throwers living in glass houses, buddy! The very name "Celtic" is racist. The Celts are, or were, a racial group rather than a religious group. Catholics shouldn't make the mistake of supposing that everyone of their race is automatically a good Catholic.

Thomas Shawn said...

The player got into trouble for making the sign of the cross. The grounds for this offense can be gleaned from FC Rangers own website.

Later, as the outrage fumed the Crown Office got a little nervous and stated: witness reports described the player as "smiling or laughing" at home supporters and gesticulating towards them, claiming that it took police ten minutes to "restore normality in the crowd".

This is a lie, and a weak one. "Smiling or laughing?" Have those protestant homos lost their minds?

Why is Celtic racist? It denotes a particular race, but not in a negative way, so, so what? How would the story change is their name was FC Wolves?

The Roman Catholics in Glasgow follow FC Celtic are you saying they are stupid or that they should be ashamed?

The Scottish premiere league also has a team called Hibernians. How is this racist? Is the racism in your heart or are you just a self hating Irishman? Are you proud or ashamed of your race?

Catholics shouldn't make the mistake of supposing that everyone of their race is automatically a good Catholic.

Heck, Oliver, I live in Massachusetts, USA, home of the murdering, pro-homosexual marriage, drunk, socialist, "Roman Catholic" Teddy Kennedy. No need to comment to me.

Luckily, however, I'm 25% Lithuanian.

Thomas Shawn said...

From the same story:$448674.htm

while the Catholic church itself had censured the decision as "worrying and alarming", given the fact that the sign of the cross is "globally accepted as a gesture of religious reverence".

The Church has spoken, I'm saying the same thing.

FC Rangers, YOU SUCK!