Monday, November 06, 2006

Arsenal 0 - West Ham United 1

This was a real shocker if you only looked at the result but if you watched the match you'd have noticed an inneffective Arsenal which has been on displat more than once this season. The twist was that at the end of the match the Arsenal coach, Arsene Wengar, threw a temper tantrum. It all really disgusted me as I had picked Arsenal early this season as one of my faves.

All season long, I've seen Arsenal destroy teams and the losing coaches always acted with great class, give the ceremonial hand shake at the end and usually complemented Arsenal at the end. What you'll see in the YouTube video is the look of Arsenal's Premiership Championship going up in smoke.

Arsene better hope that other teams don't study this video. In another shocker, Tottenham Hotspur smacked Chelski upside the head. I haven't seen that one yet as it is on my DVR still but seeing the Russian Mob get beat will be priceless.

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