Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taking Back Holy Halloween and Suppressing Heretic Harvest Time

reading this fine little article by Katherine Andes over at caught my eye: it opens ....

"Kathy, why don’t you and the kids come to our church’s Harvest Festival?" asked my Evangelical friend. "There will be a bon fire, hay rides and candy for the kids." It sounded great, and, since my husband had recently died, I didn’t relish trick or treating by myself with my little ones.

"Do the kids wear costumes?" I inquired.

"No, we definitely discourage that," she said.
I remember sitting in church in my old parish a few years ago and the priest started talking about Harvest Time. Now my dim Roman Catholic bulb was just gaining wattage at that time. I was slowly learning how the calender had been destroyed in the 1960s and how the entire calendar, the entire year, had always been (and still is) magnificently arranged by the Church.

“What the hell is Harvest Time?”, I asked my self. Well the above mentioned article revels its origens ... it’s a Protestant thing. And now it all falls into place especially in light of the ongoings at my former parish. That place marched to the Protestant drumbeat (and threw in a little support for homosexual marriage, to boot.)

Besides, I grew up in a hard scrabble housing project near Boston, Harvest Time will never, ever make any sense to me.

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