Saturday, November 18, 2006

God is Gonna Cut You Down

I'm starting to discover Johnny Cash, he had become a real hit among young people just prior to his death. I remember a clip of Justin Timberlake receiving an a MTV video award saying this was all a "rip off" because Johnny Cash deserved it for his Nine Inch Nails cover.


Code Name: Ryan said...
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Code Name: Ryan said...

A special treat for your readers...
Download a free copy of this song!

It's under the heading>

Gods, Heroes and Myth: Songs for Angels – Gabriel and Michael

A nice series (all available for free!)

Cheers, Ryan

Hospitalier said...

What can you add to the truth?


Thomas Shawn said...

hospitalier -

Thanks, so much. I returned the favor by linking to your fine blog. My Deutch is lacking but I know enough words and can see by your username that you are a true Christian warrior.

-Thomas Shawn

Thomas Shawn said...

Ryan - music, new concept to me ... lemme slake my voracious appetite for all things free but taking advantage.