Saturday, November 04, 2006

Haggard vs. Dawkins

Without rehashing the whole Ted Haggard thing ... this is an interesting clip. This clip from Youtube pitts Evangelical Minister Ted Haggard verses pre-eminent atheist and apparent scientist Richard Dawkins in a quick debate about evolution.

Rather than treat his host with courtesy Dawkins immediately denounces Haggard as a Nazi. Haggard maintains his composure and proceeds to slice Haggard nine times sideways. Haggard is visibly rattled (notice the body language and the hard swallowing.) Obviously Rev. Haggard is a skilled debater and Dawkins is not (the merits of their arguments notwithstanding.)

At the end, Haggard apparently was rattled, too, as he kicked Dawkins off his property (not shown on film).

I hope to show more of these Dawkins clips, as he seems to be trying to make a movie proposing atheism as “adult” and religious faith as “childish.”

Also, something even more fascinating, as I have encountered this in the workplace no less, is Dawkins’ recitation of his own religious dogma.
“The world is complex full of subtleties, shades...not black and white...not with childish certainties.”
I literally heard this one word for word before. Amazing! What religion is this? They teach their adherents well.

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