Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh Canada: Our Suicidal Northern Neighbor

The proportion of Canadian 65 or over will go from 13% today to 25% by 2040

By Joseph A. D’Agostino, Vice President for Communications, Population Research Institute

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, November 10, 2006 ( – Liberals, of the sort who just won control of Congress, like to say that the United States should become more like Canada. So let’s take a quick look at our highly respected northern neighbor from a demographic perspective. Experts are always analyzing all sorts of trends to judge a country’s health, yet demographics are often ignored. But how many factors affect a society long-term more than birthrates, aging, and the like?

Canada has many good qualities, such as a low violent crime rate, lots of open space, and excellent maple syrup. She has some unfortunate ones as well, such as a socialist health care system that forces citizens to wait years for major medical procedures finished within weeks in the United States, not to mention a tendency to blame America for the world’s problems. Yet at the rate she’s going, Canada’s qualities soon won’t matter one way or another, because the liberals’ second-favorite nation (France being most beloved) is committing suicide.

The United States’ birthrate is 2.0, slightly below replacement level, which is enough to cause massive aging and financial problems such as the bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare. Canada’s birthrate is a fatal 25% less, at 1.5. Canadians are fading out. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government is considering small measures to increase Canada’s birthrate, measures that are almost certain to be too little, too late. <snip>

This is an opportunity for Canadian Roman Catholics. Take the ultimate form of revenge against the socialists turned athiests: have babies.

This was weekend saw Veterans Day, or Remebrance Day in the U.K. and her Commonwealth. It must be noted that Canada suffered disporportionally high causaulties during World War II. I fear her genetic stock has been depleted and only limp wristed weanies have been left behind.

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