Saturday, November 04, 2006

FC Rangers Face a Fine, Psycho Terrorist Interupts Match

Usually when some malady befalls FC Rangers (Glasgow, Scotland's Protestant team) my heart warms but this one is a little disturbing. From Soccerway:

Written by: Dave Cohen
GLASGOW, Nov 3 (SW) – A political protest by a spectator who invaded the pitch during the Rangers versus Maccabi Haifa UEFA Cup match last night may result in a fine for the club.

A twenty one year old spectator, whose identity is still being withheld by police, ran across the pitch wearing a T-Shirt on which was a picture of the Pope and a Palestinian flag as a cape. He then attempted to handcuff himself to the goalpost.

The match was stopped while the police arrested him.

He was apparently protesting against the visit of the Israeli side to Ibrox.

Rangers could face a fine for the incident. The matter has been reported to UEFA whose disciplinary committee will met on the 7th of December.

Rangers won the fixture 2 – 0.

What disturbs me is the idea that a Christian, and apparent Roman Catholic, could apparently support those inbred terrorists from Palestine. I wonder which Pope was on the t-shirt? There’s been quite a number of them. Certainly not, Pious the XII (image at right) who received Israel’s highest honor from Golda Meir for his valiant efforts saving Jews during WWII?

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