Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Email from Arsene

I got an email from the Arsenal coach regarding the team's recent travails and about his dust up with Allen Pardew from West Ham United.

Finally, I want to talk about last week's incident at West Ham. I reacted and I regret that because you should never react, but I accept Alan Pardew's apology and life goes on.

I have not spoken to Alan Pardew or anyone else about the matter since it happened and I will not especially demand a hearing from the FA because, for me, the incident is over.

Thanks for your support.

-Arsene Wenger

This was Arsene's first email or statement since the incident and it kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. Nobody seems to have complete video of it but I guess Pardew's celebration was a little "in your face." The video is here.

Pardew followed up this weekend with a loss to Middlesborough, while Arsene's Arsenal smashed Liverpool.

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